While GT Radial has long been providing the best tires for cars and SUVs in the Philippines, their tire styles for trucks and buses are equally remarkable. The following are the top-brand tires of GT Radial for commercial vehicles in the Philippines:

#1. GT Super Traction

For trucks and buses navigating through muddy terrains, the GT Super Traction tires must be your choice. Specially engineered for optimal traction and buoyancy on muddy grounds, this tire ensures a smooth and secure journey even in the toughest conditions.

#2. GT Rock Grip

Designed for versatility, the GT Rock Grip tire can handle tough jobs anywhere – from construction sites to off-road adventures. Its robust build and superior grip make it an ideal choice for commercial vehicles seeking reliability across a spectrum of demanding chances.

#3. GT Grip

For those in need of tires for forklift applications, GT Radial suggests to use the GT Grip. Crafted with precision, this tire ensures optimal performance in the intricate movements of forklift operations, and this can be used in various industrial applications.

#4. GT Lug

In extreme conditions, the GT Lug is a reliable choice. This tire is engineered to thrive in the harshest environments and has durability and performance. Whether faced with scorching heat, heavy loads, or challenging terrains, the GT Lug tires help maneuver the driving.

#5. GT Miler

GT Miler must be installed on trucks and buses predominantly traversing highways and normal roads. Designed for optimal performance on well-paved surfaces, this tire guarantees a smooth and efficient ride. This tire also delivers exceptional longevity and performance.

#6. GT Super Grip

GT Super Grip tire is specially crafted to withstand the rigors of logging, mining, and construction works industries, and at the same time, it combines durability with unparalleled traction. For heavy-duty applications, GT Super Grip is the top-notch tire solution.

#7. GT Lug Pro

Engineered to minimize tire deformation, GT Lug Pro is tailored for longevity and heavy-duty mileage that are non-negotiable. This tire ensures extended mileage without compromising performance.

Additional Top Picks for Commercial Tires

The following are the other top-picks for commercial tires of GT Radial for trucks and buses:

#8. GT87

The GT87 emerges as a versatile choice for a variety of applications, available in both M-rated for steer and J-rated for trailer positions. Its flexibility makes it an excellent solution for commercial vehicles requiring adaptability across different positions.

#9. GT659+

The GT659+ boasts a directional block pattern, providing a high level of wear. This tire is specifically made for tractions in regional applications. This tire is one of GT Radial’s top-brand tires for specific regional needs.

#10. GT678

Designed for light and medium trucks, the GT678 is a rugged and robust drive axle traction tire. This commercial tire of GT Radial ensures reliability and performance while traveling well on the road.

Looking for the best tires in the Philippines?

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