Our business is connecting people who share the same goal!

안녕 (Annyeong) Ngeao, Meow! is an ad-free website with a basic algorithm that enables users to connect with their real objectives online.
Algorithm-Free Concept

Like the Friendster platform, this website platform provides a simple concept for users. For instance, you can see your friends’ activities online without boundaries or limitations.

ChitChat Without Filter

Unlike the other social media sites, Ngeao, Meow! pushes through a no-filter, unmonitored communication, which equates to a secure conversation.

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What really is Ngeao, Meow!?

While ChatGPT, an AI-driven search engine, is gaining popularity, Ngeao, Meow! is a social media platform that promotes a non-algorithmic approach and reintroduces the “Friendster” connectivity concept to the world.

Ngeao, Meow a project of Kun-san Korea Ltd. and FMR Technological.
여러분, 안녕하세요


A user-friendly website platform where users can share posts, comment, add friends, send direct messages, and more!

Community Forums

A very useful and convenient social media platform where users share and exchange ideas with one another.

Groups to discuss

A portion of the website that is efficient and productive for users, particularly suited for businesses and new ventures.

Fed up with the presence of none-algorithm platforms because they contradict the purpose of having free-world connectivity.

Connecting the world without borders.

There’s no such thing as ‘two worlds.’ We are one!


Park Gwan

Connecting People - CEO

Bryan Cho

Digital Marketing - FMR

An Yoo

Social Media Head 기업

Not Just Fast-Growing, We Are Killing It!

As of the beginning of this year (2023), Ngeao, Meow! attracts one million users within six months of launching the website and still counting!

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